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WITandWISDOM(tm) - June 28, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

ďItís nice to be important; but itís more important to be nice.Ē - Unknown

Source: These Times, Copyright (c) April 1961, Pacific Press, http://www.signstimes.com


I got to meet a wonderful person the other day. I had stopped to buy a local newspaper from a machine when I saw a middle-aged lady already there. She had a handful of quarters and was slowly buying paper after paper gently closing the machine after each purchase. She smiled at me and explained that her daughterís picture was in the paper. She was getting copies for all the members of her extended family.

When she turned to leave I noticed a hole in her shoe and realized that the rest of her clothes had also seen better days. She climbed into her rusty, 20 year old pick-up truck and after 30 seconds of trying finally got it started. She smiled at me again and waved as she drove off. It occurred to me as she disappeared in the distance that she had never once thought of taking the extra papers she needed while only paying for one. It was then that I realized I had just met one of the richest people in the world.

I only wish that everyone in this world had this ladyís wisdom and wealth. She was rich beyond measure in all the important things in life. She was rich in honesty, integrity, goodness, kindness, cheerfulness, joy, and love. She was rich in family and in friends. She was rich most of all in oneness with God. It didnít matter if her truck was old, her clothes were worn, and her dollars were few. She was rich in her heart and soul, and she possessed within her the wealth of an entire Kingdom: the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

© 2006 Josephson Institute of Ethics; reprinted with permission. Michael Josephson, one of the nation's leading ethicists, is the founder of the Josephson Institute of Ethics and the premier youth character education program, CHARACTER COUNTS! For further information visit http://www.charactercounts.org

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

From Jokeworm:

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then." - Katharine Hepburn

"The most overlooked advantage of owning a computer is that if they foul up there's no law against whacking them around a bit." - Eric Porterfield

"You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you're down there." - George Burns

A vegetarian is a person who won't eat anything that can have children. - David Brenner

I have the perfect simplified tax form for government. Why don't they just print our money with a return address on it? - Bob Hope

You can lead a horse to water, but if you get him to lie down on his back and float in it, then you have something. - Henry Youngman -

"We used to play spin the bottle when I was a kid. A girl would spin the bottle and if it pointed to you when it stopped, the girl could either kiss you or give you a dime. By the time I was 14, I owned my own home." - Gene Perret

Source: Jokeworm's Quotes, http://Jokeworm.com


"I'm so proud of my new truck. I didn't get the trendy kind, I bought a UPS truck. Laugh if you will, but I can now park anywhere I want!"

Submitted by Gerry

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

ROME (UPI) -- An election landslide is unlikely in local voting in a medieval Italian village after 40 of the 63 registered voters signed up as candidates, a report said.

The hamlet of Bergolo is in Italy's Piedmont region, and it's not entirely clear why there is such interest in the mayor's job and nine seats on the village council, a correspondent for London's Telegraph reported from Rome.

Former mayor of 30 years, Romano Vola, 64, said changes in Italy's electoral laws in the 1990s could be behind the rush to run. Candidates used to need 20 signatures to declare their candidacy. Now, candidates only have to declare themselves at the town hall, the report said.

Voters in Sunday's local elections also will decide the mayors of Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin as well as the regional president of Sicily, the Telegraph said.

Copyright 2006 by United Press International

Source: ArcaMax - Trivia, http://tinyurl.com/9kf44

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