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WITandWISDOM(tm) - August 3, 2006
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Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning? - Coleman Cox

Source: Internet Tutor, http://www.gophercentral.com/sub/sub-tutor.html


Kumar, a Christian in South India, was grieved because none of the 13 people he had invited came to watch a Billy Graham evangelistic broadcast at his home on December 23rd. He began to pray, and around 9 p.m. he felt God compelling him to invite his wife's sister's family to watch the next night's broadcast. Immediately he set about to contact them.

It wasn't easy. His sister-in-law's family had no phone, so Kumar had to call their neighbor and plead with him to go and bring them to the phone for an urgent message. When his brother-in-law, Satish, reached the phone, Kumar asked him and his family to catch a bus to his city as soon as possible. Satish said he had no money. Kumar encouraged him to borrow the money and said that he would reimburse Satish for the tickets.

Satish consented, and at 4 a.m. he and his family boarded a bus for the long trip to Kumar's house. They arrived at 5 p.m., and an hour later they watched the My Hope telecast from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Afterward, Kumar gave his testimony and asked if the others wanted to put their faith in Christ. They were all looking at one another, and Kumar wondered what they were thinking. Then Satish, noticeably distressed, stood and explained that he had lost his job because the tea factory that he worked for had closed. Further, the company was demanding that the family vacate their company-owned house. Seeing no hope, the family had decided that on December 25 they were all going to commit suicide.

Now they saw that through Jesus there is hope, and they prayed with Kumar to accept Christ. Satish said he felt like a new man, and, after staying several more days with Kumar, the family returned home ready to face the future with Christ.

This excerpt was taken from Decision magazine, March 2006; 2006 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; all rights reserved.

Bob Paulson, "My Hope: India," Decision (March 2006), p. 10-11

Source: Preaching Today, http://tinyurl.com/328jd

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Bundle Words Aloud

It is only when the components of some bundle words are distinctly (and perhaps incorrectly) pronounced aloud that they give new meaning to the whole word. Say the following words aloud so that you get the 'goofinition' shown.

asphalt snake barrier

aspire snake anger

begone how to get cup of coffee

brandisk breakfast

briefly cheese loving insect

cornice frozen treat made of maize

earnest home for listeners

endanger - counting to ten and taking a deep breath

endear last one to hear a rumor

gallant an audacious insect

generally microbiologists convention

legend the toes

malediction basso voice

malefactor y chromosome

massacres open air church

misery penny pinching

mustache mandatory pain

noticed room temperature

novice good behavior

nowhere currently present

pageant calling insect

panache cooking pain

parable 180 yard hole

prelate right on time

restart the knack of relaxing

sagacity town with a tale

Submitted by Lorraine


At the diner, my breakfast arrived with only three sausages instead of the usual four. The waitress explained that the cook had dropped one and was making another. Soon the cook dashed out of the kitchen. "Here you are," he announced. "It's the missing link!"

Contributed to "Short Takes" by Celeste Woicekowski

Source: Beliefnet Presents, http://www.beliefnet.com/user/newsletter_choose.asp

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

My friend's father is a locksmith in a resort town. Once he saw a group of beach goers park near his shop and dump trash from their car on his property.

As soon as they were out of sight, and walking towards the beach, the locksmith picked the lock on their car door, put the garbage back inside and relocked the car.

Source: Clean Laffs, http://www.cleanlaffs.com/

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