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WITandWISDOM(tm) - October 13, 2006
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They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Source: Quotes of the Day, http://www.quotationspage.com/qotd.html


One morning in church I was speaking on the subject of winning others to Christ. In my congregation was a woman with her unbelieving husband. For twenty years she had tried to make a Christian out of him. She had used the same old method for all those many long years. It never dawned on her that she ought to try a new method.

A few nights later he himself told me about it. He said, "You know, as we sat there in church that morning, something happened to my wife. As you were talking about that new religion, she turned and kissed me on the cheek. She said, 'Honey, will you forgive me? For twenty years I have been using the wrong method on you. Will you forgive me? ' "

"Pastor Coon," he continued, "something happened to my wife that morning." Of course I knew what it was that had happened. The Holy Spirit had come into her heart and she was changing religions.

"I know she is a different woman," he said, continuing his story. "Let me tell you how I know. One of the irritations of our home was the dog. I love dogs and my wife despises them. I never asked my wife to let the dog stay in the house. I made a doghouse and kept him outside."

But he gave me the impression that she had both him and the dog in the doghouse.

He went on. "That was one of the chief bones of contention - the dog." Well, I knew how both of them felt, for I had been on both sides of the dog fence. "You know, after my wife kissed me in church that morning," he went on to tell me, "I came home one afternoon about three o'clock from my bus route. And what do you suppose I saw? I saw my wife and my dog out in the yard, and she was petting my dog. Pastor Coon, I just couldn't understand it. And I am sure the dog couldn't either."

Source: Path to the Heart, Glenn A Coon, © 1958 by Review and Herald Publishing Association

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

State Fun “Facts” That Might Be True
Part 1 of 2 [Oct 13 & 23]

ALABAMA ... Was the first place to have 9-1-1, started in 1968.

ALASKA ... One out of every 64 people has a pilot's license.

ARIZONA ... Is the only state in the continental U.S. that doesn't follow Daylight Savings Time.

ARKANSAS ... Has the only active diamond mine in the U.S.

CALIFORNIA ... Its economy is so large that if it were a country, it would rank seventh in the entire world.

COLORADO ... In 1976 it became the only state to turn down the Olympics.

CONNECTICUT ... The Frisbee was invented here at Yale University.

DELAWARE ... Has more scientists and engineers than any other state.

FLORIDA ... At 759 square miles, Jacksonville is the US's largest city.

GEORGIA ... It was here, in 1886, that pharmacist John Pemberton made the first vat of Coca-Cola.

HAWAII ... Hawaiians live, on average, five years longer than residents in any other state.
IDAHO ... TV was invented in Rigby, Idaho, in 1922.

ILLINOIS ... The Chicago River is dyed green every St. Patrick's Day.

INDIANA ... Home to Santa Claus, Indiana, which get a half million letter to Santa every year.

IOWA ... Winnebagos get their name from Winnebago County. Also, it is the only state that begins with two vowels.

KANSAS ... Liberal, Kansas, has an exact replica of the house in The Wizard of Oz.

KENTUCKY ... Has more than $6 billion in gold underneath Fort Knox.

LOUISIANA ... Has parishes instead of counties because they were originally Spanish church units.

MAINE ... It's so big, it covers as many square miles as the other five New England states combined.

MARYLAND ... King Williams School opened in 1696. It was the first school in the United States.

MASSACHUSETTS ... The Fig Newton is named after Newton, Massachusetts.

MICHIGAN ... Fremont, home to Gerber, is the baby food capital of the world.

MINNESOTA ... Bloomington's Mall of America is so big, if you spent 10 minutes in each store, you'd be there nearly four days.

MISSISSIPPI ... President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear here. That's how the teddy bear got its name.

MISSOURI ... Is the birthplace of the ice cream cone.

(to be continued on October 23, 2006)

Source: Clean Laffs, http://www.cleanlaffs.com/


A bath mat is a little rug that children like to stand beside.

Submitted by Betsy

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

NEW YORK (10-10-06) - Overweight middle-aged adults tend to score more poorly on tests of memory, attention and learning ability than their thinner peers do, researchers reported Monday.

The findings, they say, suggest that a heavier weight in middle age may mean a higher risk of dementia later in life.

Reporting in the journal Neurology, the researchers speculate that higher rates of cardiovascular disease or diabetes might help explain the link. But it’s also possible that substances produced by fat cells, such as the hormone leptin, have direct effects on the brain.

More . . . http://msnbc.msn.com/id/15206566/

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