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WITandWISDOM(tm) - November 1, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

When someone does something good, Applaud! You will make two people happy. Samuel Goldwyn


While rocking my 2-year-old grandson, Brennan, one day, I was singing the song "The Wonder of It All."

When I got to the part that says "Just to think that God loves me," he raised his little head from my shoulder and said, "And Brennan and Grandpa!"

Then he laid his head back down on my shoulder content. Since then, every time I sang that hymn to him I added their names too.

We should never underestimate the comprehension of even a 2-year-old.

Christina Brucks, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

This guy was waiting in the downtown L. A. bus station for the bus to Pasadena. He spotted a machine with a sign that read: YOUR HEIGHT, YOUR WEIGHT, YOUR FORTUNE $1.00 He stepped on the scale and dropped a dollar bill in the slot. Out came a card that said: "You are 5 feet 10 inches tall. You weigh 160 pounds, and you are waiting for the bus to Pasadena."

This guy said, "How did that machine know that? Well, I'll fool it." He went downstairs to the men's room, rolled up his coat collar, pulled down the brim of his hat, and put on a fake beard. He tiptoed back up the stairs, sneaked along the wall, spun around and jumped on the scale and quickly placed another dollar in the slot.

Out came a card that read: "You are 5 feet 10 inches tall, you weigh 160 pounds, and while you were messing around down in the men's room, you missed the bus to Pasadena."

Submitted by Miss Kitty


As I was driving my 2-year-old son, Adam, to his day care one morning, we were talking about where Jesus lives. I told Adam that Jesus lives up in heaven and He is going to come back to earth to get us and take us to heaven to live with Him forever.

Then Adam said, "Mommy, are we going to have lunch there? Because I want to bring chips for my friends."

Bonnie S. Shim, Longwood, Florida

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Annie Edson Taylor (1838-April 29, 1921) became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel on October 24, 1901. She felt her job as a schoolteacher in Bay City, Michigan was too insignificant, and believed that going over the falls would bring her fame and fortune.

Taylor used a pickle barrel for her trip, constructed of oak and iron and padded with a mattress. The barrel was put over the side of a rowboat, and Annie climbed in. After screwing down the lid, friends used a bicycle tire pump to compress the air in the barrel. The hole used for this was plugged with a cork, and Taylor was set adrift near the American shore, north of Goat Island.

The Niagara River currents carried the barrel toward the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, which has since been the site for all daredevil stunting at Niagara Falls. Rescuers reached her barrel shortly after the plunge, and Taylor was discovered to be alive though somewhat battered.

Her first words after she emerged from the barrel were... "No one ought ever do that again!"

Some pictures of the event:

Submitted by Lorraine

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