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WITandWISDOM(tm) - November 3, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

We're in such a hurry most of the time we never get much chance to talk. The result is a kind of endless day to day shallowness, a monotony that leaves a person wondering years later where all the time went and sorry that it's all gone." Robert M. Pirsig

Submitted by Keith


At home in the evening, when we gathered around the circle for family worship, it was father's custom to apologize to us boys if he had been impatient with us during the day. One day father had been harsh and unkind to me. When evening came he either forgot or neglected to apologize to me. Discouraged, heavyhearted, and hurt, I went upstairs to my room. I climbed into bed, turned my face toward the wall, and cried like a little boy can. I even used some pretty big words to myself in describing my father. Of course father did not know how I felt. I never would have dared to answer him back or speak unkindly of him in his hearing at any time. But there all alone I very easily found words at my command. I was calling my father a hypocrite. I was thinking, "He can preach all he wants to in church, but I have no confidence in his religion. When I grow up, I'll have nothing to do with it."

And just then I heard someone touch the latch on the stairway door. Then I heard father's step coming up the stairway. I tried to make believe I was asleep. But in a moment I felt a face down close to mine. And I heard a voice in deep humility saying, "Son, will you forgive me for being impatient with you today?"

Immediately father became to me a hero! And why the change in my feeling toward him? Because he was big enough to apologize to me.

Source: Path to the Heart, Glenn A Coon, 1958 by Review and Herald Publishing Association

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Family Trees

I climbed my family tree and found it was not worth the climb;
And so, I scampered down, convinced it was a waste of time.
Some branches of my tree, I found, were rotten to the core.
And, all the tree was full of sap and hung with nuts galore!
I used to brag of my kinfolk, before I made the climb,
but truth compels me not to tell of those not worth a dime.
And I beg friends who boast aloud of their ancestors great,
To climb their family tree and learn of those who weren't so straight.
I've learned what family trees are like, I've seen them growing 'round.
They're like a 'tater' vine because, the best are underground!

Author Unknown


A young boy swallowed come coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother phoned to ask how he was, the nurse replied, "No change yet."

Submitted by Bill

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

Eamonn Holmes is fuming after makers of his new spelling game DVD spelt his name wrong on the cover.

Makers DDS Media had to scrap 10,000 games after they called him 'Eamon' - with one 'n'.

According to The Sun, an insider said: "There are a lot of red faces with everyone blaming each other."

The blunder was spotted by the star when he was sent one of the first DVDs to be pressed.

The insider added: "He said, 'How can you expect people to buy this game when you've misspelt my name on the front!' We had to destroy the whole first run of 10,000 games and delay the launch."

The game, Eamonn Holmes' Spell, with its correct cover is due to go on sale later this week.

Source: Ananova (10-30-06) http://www.ananova.com

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