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WITandWISDOM(tm) - November 6, 2006
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving." - W.T. Purkiser

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Two outs, bottom of the ninth, behind by one run, Ryan's right foot was pressed to the front edge of the third base bag. Every muscle in his eleven- year-old body was flexed, ready to bolt home with the tying run.

Kenny, the winning run, stood grinning on second, Dylan, the team's best hitter was at the plate.

The first pitch was high and outside, "Ball One!" The next caught the inside corner, "Steeeriiick!" Two more balls and a foul tip later the count is full. Ryan's eyes are glued to the ball while his ear is tuned to the third base coach listening for just one word. Dylan drove the next pitch to the right of the pitcher, well out of reach, and the coach screamed the one word, "GO!" Ryan digs for home.

Now at this level of play, a hit like that is usually good for extra bases, but today the third baseman made a play worthy of the Major Leagues. A diving stab knocked the ball down. Quick as a cat, he scooped it up, spun, and made the peg home to stop the tying run from scoring; it was going to be close.

A perfect peg, a perfect slide, a perfect catch, a perfect sweeping tag and a big cloud of dust converge around the plate at the umpire's feet.

The umpire hesitated for a second; he couldn't see the tag clearly for dust and the position of the catcher. He glanced at the field referee who gestured that he wasn't sure either.

As he was starting to spread his arms wide, palms down, Ryan looked into the umpire's face. "Sir, I missed the plate, he tagged me out."

"Son, do you know what it means if I call you out? The game is over and you lose"

"Yes sir, I know. But that's the truth." Ryan whispered.

The umpire turned his head slightly, "Why would you give it up like that?"

"You see Sir, this catcher knows I became a Christian last week. I can't trade a baseball game today for what he will think about me tomorrow."

Author Unknown

Source: Monday Fodder

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

Quotes of the Day

A friend of mine jogs ten miles a day. If you ever catch me running ten miles in a row, tell the bus driver my arm is caught in the door. - Jeff Shaw

If you can't say anything good about someone, sit right here by me. - Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Oil prices have fallen lately. We include this news for the benefit of gas stations, which otherwise wouldn't learn of it for six months. - Bill Tammeus, in Toronto's National Newspaper, 1991

Either I've been missing something or nothing has been going on. - Karen Elizabeth Gordon

Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use. - Wendell Johnson

The difference between a violin and a viola is that a viola burns longer. - Victor Borge

Source: Quotes of the Day, http://www.quotationspage.com/qotd.html


Drew and Timmy were brothers. One day Mom and Dad had to go into town, and Dad told Drew, "While we are gone I want you boys to clear away the dirty dishes, clean your room, and mow the grass."

When they returned nothing had been done. Dad was very upset. He asked Drew, "What have you been doing while we were gone?"

Drew replied in a low voice, "Nothing."

Dad then turns to Timmy and asks, "What have you been doing?"

Timmy replied, "Helping Drew."

Source: Preaching Now, http://www.preaching.com/newsletter/subscribe.html

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

(Reuters July 2006) A Chinese woman has reportedly had a mole grafted on to her face to avoid being mistaken for her twin sister.

Xiao Ai, of Xiamen city, Fujian province, had the mole removed from her leg and transplanted on to her face.

She was sick of being mistaken for her twin Xiao Ping, reports the Southeastern Morning News.

Both sisters are married but still live with their parents.

Xiao Ai said: "One day when I got home after work, my brother-in-law came up and wanted to kiss me. I was so scared."

From then on, the sisters would mark their faces each day so their husbands could tell them apart but they wanted a more permanent solution.

Xiao Ai added: "I came up with the idea of transplanting a small mole from my leg onto my face. And the idea was well-received by the whole family."

The surgery has been carried out although doctors say they need to monitor the mole for two weeks to make sure it has been a success.

Source: Reuters, http://reuters.com

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