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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 14, 2002
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste." - Henry Ford

Source: Heart Touchers, http://storiesfrommyheart.com/home_page

Subjects: Success


There's a great story told about Benjamin Kubelsky (a.k.a. comedian Jack Benny), who as a young man, started working at a film company in Hollywood. While there he saw a young woman, Sadie Marks, (a.k.a. "Mary Livingstone," later on the Jack Benny Show), who caught his eye. However, an innately shy person, he didn't have the courage to approach her, much less ask her out on a date. Finally he decided to have a florist send her a rose every day. So this fortunate young woman got a rose every day; no name attached, no letter, no card, just a rose every day. She eventually prodded the florist, who told her that it was Mr. Jack Benny, who had been sending the roses. They talked, and he asked her out.

The day after their first date, she got another rose. And the day after, and after, and after. Finally they go engaged and surely, she thought, the roses would stop coming. She was wrong. Up until the wedding a rose came to her door every day. As they were on their honeymoon, she just assumed the roses would now stop. She assumed wrong. Even then, every day, a rose.

After they returned home, much to her amazement a rose came from her husband every day. And this went on, year after year after year of marriage. A red rose; no card, no letter, no explanation. Just a red rose. Every day.

Well, many years - decades - went by. And then one day Jack Benny died. She was now a widow. And yet the roses kept coming, even after his funeral. Finally she called the florist and said, "There must be a mistake. My husband is dead. Why are the roses still coming?"

The florist responded, "No, ma'am, there's no mistake. Your late husband made a provision in his will for the roses to keep coming, even after he died."

Adapted from "A Rose at the Door," a sermon by Don C. Schneider

Sadie Marks was a distant cousin of the famous Marx brothers:

For the story of the name change of Benjamin Kubelsky to Jack Benny see the Bio on the International Jack Benny Fan Club site:

Submitted by John L. Bechtel

Subjects: Romance, Roses

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

The coach for the little league team had not yet learned the names of all the players, so he called them by the numbers on their uniforms.

He yelled, "Number 5, your time to bat," and Jeff came to the plate to hit.

He yelled, "Number 7," and Steve jumped up.

Then he yelled, "Number 1," but no one got up.

Again he called out, "Number 1." Still no one emerged from the dugout.

The umpire was getting annoyed at the delay, so the coach yelled out, "Who's number 1?"

The entire team responded, "We are, coach. We are!"

Source: Kitty's Daily Mews, Copyright (c) 1997-2002 All rights reserved worldwide, http://www.katscratch.com/

Subjects: Baseball, Names


A minister waited in line to have his car filled with gas just before a long holiday weekend. The attendant worked quickly, but there were many cars ahead of him in front of the service station. Finally, the attendant motioned him toward a vacant pump. "Reverend," said the young man, sorry about the delay. It seems as if everyone waits until the last minute to get ready for a long trip.

The minister chuckled, "I know what you mean. It's the same in my business."

Submitted by Jay Graham

Subjects: Second Coming, Waiting

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

JPL's Camera on Hubble

This web site for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's camera on Hubble has a small gallery of pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. A recent photo and story released March 6, 2002 features Orion. On page three of the gallery is an interesting picture of the Ant Nebula.


Submitted by Gary Wimer

Subjects: Hubble Telescope, Astronomy

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