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WITandWISDOM(tm) - March 15, 2004
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~~~~~~~ THOUGHTS:

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get only with what you are expecting to give which is everything." - Katharine Hepburn

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When Focus on the Family was in its early stages and our children were young, Jim often traveled. One night when he was away, I awoke with a start at 2 A.M. I was afraid and didn't know why. After a few minutes of worrying, I forced myself out of bed and sank to my knees on the floor.

"Oh, Lord," I prayed, "I don't know why I'm so frightened. I ask You to watch over our home and protect our family. Send Your guardian angel to be with us." I climbed back into bed and fell asleep about a half hour later.

The next morning one of our teenage neighbors ran over from across the street. "Mrs. Dobson, did you hear what happened? A burglar robbed your next door neighbor's house last night!" It was true. A thief had broken in and escaped with the family's vacation money, about $500. Then my neighbor told me that the police had determined the time of the robbery - about 2 A.M., the same time I had awakened in fear!

My mind reeled at the thought. "If a burglar wanted to break into our house," I said, "he would probably try to get in through the bathroom window near our children's bedrooms. Lets go look." We walked to the window and saw that the screen was bent and the window sill splintered. Someone had indeed tried to break in. What had stopped him? . . .

Source: Night Light: A Devotional for Couples, By Dobson, James C.; Dobson, Shirley Published by Multnomah Pub (September 1, 2000), ISBN: 1576736741, http://isbn.nu/1576736741

~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

A pastor, known for his lengthy sermons, noticed a man get up and leave during the middle of his message. The man returned just before the conclusion of the service. Afterwards the pastor asked the man where he had gone.

"I went to get a haircut," was the reply.

"But," said the pastor, "why didn't you do that before the service?"

"Because," the gentleman said, "I didn't need one then."

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A cantor, the man who sings the prayers at a synagogue, brags before his congregation in a booming, bellowing voice: "Two years ago I insured my voice with Lloyds of London for $750,000."

There is a hushed and awed silence in the crowded room.

Suddenly, from the back of the room, the quiet, nasal voice of an elderly woman is heard, ôSo what did you do with the money?"

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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

How many Wizard of Oz books did L. Frank Baum write?

You might think, if you never read this wonderful children's book series, that there was only ONE book about Dorothy and her friends in the land of Oz. Not true. L. Frank Baum actually wrote fourteen books about Oz, beginning with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900 and ending with Glinda of Oz in 1920. After he died, another author named Ruth Plumly Thompson continued to write Oz books until 1939.

Source: DailyInBox: Trivia, http://your.dailyinbox.com/trivia/

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