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WITandWISDOM(tm) - July 22, 2004
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The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. - Rabindranath Tagore

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Early one morning I received a call from the hospital informing me that Stanley Smith had passed away. I was then asked if I would share that sad information with his wife.

I called Stanley's son and told him and together we decided we would go and tell his mother. Emma, Stanley's wife, was staying with her daughter and so that is where we went, arriving at her home at about 6:00 a.m.

Emma was still sleeping when we walked into her room. She woke with a start and immediately knew what must have happened. Why would I be there at that hour unless I was the bearer of bad news.

Emma screamed and then began to cry with great sobbing. I sat down on her bed and held her with her head on my shoulder.

After a few minutes I noticed that Emma seemed to be searching for something with her hands. She stopped searching and then quietly said, "Pastor, I think you might be sitting on my teeth."

Without thought I got up and sure enough there was her false teeth. I indeed had been sitting on them. Needless to say the tension was broken for the time as our crying turned to laughter.

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~~~~~~~ THIS & THAT:

One day during cooking class, the teacher, Mrs. Jones, was extolling her secrets for preparing perfect sauces.

When she ordered us to the stoves to prepare our assignments, she said, "Don't forget to use wooden spoons."

As I stirred my sauce, I contemplated the physics behind the mystery of the wooden spoon, and decided it must have something to do with heat conduction.

I approached Mrs. Jones to test my theory. "Why wooden spoons?" I asked.

"Because," she replied, "if I have to sit here listening to twenty-three metal spoons banging against metal pots, I'll go nuts."

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“Silent Cal” Coolidge was once asked after a Sunday morning church service what the preacher?s subject had been.

He replied, “Sin.”

“What did the preacher say about sin?” the questioner continued.

Coolidge answered, “He was against it.”

From: Serve Him With Mirth by Leslie B Flynn
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~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

A Quick Fix For Needle Phobia

British doctors have a solution for taking the sting out of an injection: coughing. After reviewing published studies and their own clinical experiences, the researchers reported in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery that coughing just as a needle touches your skin reduces pain more than other techniques. (Those may include numbing the area with cold packs or sprays.) Coughing may "distract" the nerves that carry pain signals or temporarily raise blood pressure, another phenomenon known to blunt pain. The remedy should be popular; one in 10 adults - and nearly all children - are terrified of needles.

Source: Health, July/August 2004, http://www.health.com

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