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WITandWISDOM(tm) - December 27, 2004
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Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still. - Chinese Proverb

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A husband and wife on vacation at a lake didn't notice their three-year-old son Billy wandering toward the dock to investigate a boat. He tried to stretch his short legs from the dock to the boat, but didn't quite make it - and fell into six-feet-deep water. The splash brought Dad running. He dove into the murky water groping with his arms and legs trying to find Billy. His lungs nearly bursting, he pushed toward the surface - and touched Billy, whose arms were locked around a piling four feet underwater. Dad pried him loose, and
they hit the surface together, gasping for air.

When they had recovered. Dad asked little Billy what he was doing hanging onto that piling. Billy’s answer: "Just waitin’ for you. Dad."

When his life was on the line, Billy knew his dad would come through. The most difficult, important, and wonderful task of all is to teach our kids to trust their heavenly Father even more than they depend on Dad.

Source: Night Light: A Devotional for Couples, By Dobson, James C.; Dobson, Shirley Published by Multnomah Pub (September 1, 2000), ISBN: 1576736741, http://isbn.nu/1576736741

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It was the finish line of the Boston marathon. A first time runner is hobbling away, having just finished.

A grizzled old marathoner looks at him and says "You'll feel a lot worse tomorrow." He pauses and then says, "But the really bad news is that in about 3 days, you're going to think you had fun today!"

Source: Top Greetings

~~~~~~~ TRIVIA:

79 = Percentage of people who say there are too many reality dating shows on TV.

23 = Percentage of people who say there are too many true-crime programs.

4 = Percentage of people who say there are too many historical documentaries.

Source: Health, December 2004, http://www.health.com

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